Coconut Bowl + Spoon

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Coconut Bowl + Spoon

enrich your table with unique, natural pieces, excellent for every phase of your day. Entirely handmade.

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Wellness and sustainability, now also at your table!
The Cocco Bowls are bowls that come from waste coconuts, made entirely by hand by artisans and bear the signature "iHEALTHY"
The new brand born in the IoBoscoVivo home dedicated to all the accessories and objects to eat well and feel good, with style! A concept designed to merge in a single word, human well-being and environmental sustainability, where man and nature coexist and collaborate in a perfect balance.

Often the shells are discarded by food companies, but we believe they are much more useful if transformed into beautiful eco-sustainable bowls.

Don't miss the chance to enrich your table with unique pieces, excellent for every phase of your day. The Cocco Bowls are ideal to start the morning with a tasty porridge or to end the day with a colorful couscous

Some advice? Find out how to use them in ours recipes
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Additional information


The diameter is 14-16cm and the height is about 7 - 7.5cm. The capacity is 900ml.

Material and Processing

Made using real coconut shells, handcrafted and then polished with virgin coconut oil to nourish the wood and make the surface smooth and clean. It is a strong and very durable material.


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