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4 formats to satisfy all tastes: Shiitake dried in slices and granules, Seasonings, Velvety and Breadsticks

Our Production

Only fine and selected Shiitake mushrooms · 100% Bio · at Kilometro Verde Source of Vitamin D

The cultivation method and research on the production process of Shiitake mushrooms takes place in a particularly favorable area, in open greenhouses and according to the conditions of bio-dynamic production.

Research on IoBoscoVivo's innovative production processes can be found on the external side of the wild Val Grande on Lake Mergozzo (VB), where our OAK WOOD SUBSTRATES, CERTIFIED ORGANIC, are placed in the greenhouse and under the constant attention of highly qualified personnel. The small production is destined to the high standing restaurants of the territory, we give value to the territory.

Over the years we have also qualified reliable European partners who produce high quality mushrooms, directly grown on oak wood to which a strict supply specification has been entrusted to follow with the rules we have developed and designed to give quality and nutritional values. to the mushroom.

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