Who we are?

A Young Team, in Search of Sustainability and Innovation

Our philosophy

Promote the well-being of our customers

Famiglia felice che cucina

Creation of “Smart Functional Food” based on medicinal mushrooms for the physical well-being of our Customers

IoBoscoVivo has always aimed to offer quality products, by virtue of this it has financed and still finances university research in order to create innovative health products for the well-being of people.

Together with the University of Insubria in Varese, still in the research phase, we are carrying out the study of the Shiitake mushroom known in Japan for its beneficial properties in strengthening the immune system.

The goal is to create "Smart Functional Food", that is intelligent and functional foods capable of helping to live better thanks to their health properties that increase the immune system.

In fact, our products are all sources of Vitamin D, which contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system. 


Redevelop our Territory

Fronde di un albero

We monitor, requalify and promote the biological rehabilitation of native Italian forests

It is increasingly important to understand the problem of exotic tree species such as the case of Robinia pseudoacacia which, by changing the chemical conformation of the soil, is going to completely replace the native flora of our woods.

We have worked with the University and the Park Authority to begin an experiment aimed at containing the spread of this plant by using mushrooms with proven invasive antagonistic abilities and non-polluting chemical substances.

The goal is to preserve the ecosystem of the Italian forest by safeguarding it from the main existing threats, using biological control systems focused on the use of mushrooms.

Strengthen the man - nature bond

bambina che abbraccia albero tutela ambiente

We support human freedom to reconnect with the plant world

IoBoscoVivo was born with the philosophy of encouraging the link between man and nature. The forest "is good for us", we can perceive it simply by walking.

From the most current scientific research we know that plants and mushrooms are great producers of terpenes and terpenoids, molecules responsible for the typical scents of this habitat, real chemical messengers that create a communication system between all the "inhabitants" of the forest!

It is known how these molecules have an anti-inflammatory action on human health, these signals are absorbed by the skin and our lungs and act on our immune system by strengthening it.

The goal is to promote a serene and well-being climate even in closed and usually stressful environments and for this reason we have decided to recreate the concept of a real "forest" starting from our offices, enriching the environment with Pini Araucaria.

We are also active in the area through the creation of botanical gardens for the conservation of the ecosystem, so as to protect this natural habitat so precious to us.


Botanical Garden in the Antigorio Valley

This first project aims to be the first Italian botanical-mycological garden. Born for the research and study of the autochthonous fungal varieties typical of the Antigorio valley and for the conservation of the wood ecosystem. This management model is in line with the main objectives and priorities set by the European Community, so much so that the "Botanical-Mycological Garden" program in 2011 participated in the LIFE + Biodiversity international call as it was in accordance with the guidelines: "Protect, conserve, restore, monitor and promote the functioning of natural habitats, flora and wildlife in order to halt the loss of biodiversity, including the diversity of genetic resources, within the EU".


Botanical Garden in Finale Ligure

The second project, currently under construction, involves the creation of a botanical garden dedicated to ancient fruit plants and collections of flowers and plants in order to rediscover the beauty of the nature that surrounds us, in particular referring to the new generations.

In fact, the objective of this project is to protect, conserve and promote the functioning of natural habitats, flora and wild fauna. Our expanses of citrus groves, olive groves and rare species of flora are a spectacle of Finale's nature.

Investing in Research and Development

We reinvest our resources in the development of products, innovative and valuable production processes

The company works closely with a research center equipped with the most modern instruments for the analytical and biotechnological field. The aim is to develop innovative products and production technologies in the field of "Smart Functional Food".

All IoBoscoVivo wellness products undergo periodic quality checks. They are also the main subject of study for the research laboratory.

The goal is to develop innovative, certified products for applications in the environment, "functional foods" and medicines. We have also created a MICOTECA for the preservation and biotechnological, ecological and pharmacological study of mushrooms. Many of the species we have cataloged have important nutraceutical properties.


Working with a Total Quality System

ISO 9001: the basis for achieving excellence in one's business through the definition of objectives that the entire organization focuses on in order to achieve Customer satisfaction, favor the optimization of processes and make the activity more effective and efficient. Download the Certificate!

ISO 14001 l main management system standard that specifies the requirements for the implementation and maintenance of an Environmental Management System. Helps control environmental aspects, reduce impacts and ensure legislative compliance. Download the Certificate!

BIO: the main management system standard that specifies the requirements for the implementation and maintenance of an Environmental Management System. Helps control environmental aspects, reduce impacts and ensure legislative compliance. Download the Certificate!

All our activities are audited and certified by leading institutes (TUV, CSQ) to guarantee total quality

The IoBoscoVivo agricultural company was founded in 2013 with the aim of raising consumer awareness for a change in lifestyle, more HEALTHY FOR HIMSELF AND HIS FAMILY. The vision of "IoBoscoVivo" is to do good to the environment and to the greatest number of people.

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