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What are the shipping times?

In 3 working days from the order confirmation. In case of delay not due to the vendor, the customer will be quickly informed by our customer service

What is the order number for?

✔ You have to keep your order's number; you'll need it in case of any problem with the shipping service, or for any needed information from our customer service about your order.

Anyhow, at the end of your purchase, you will always receive an order confirmation by email.

What is the product chart and which information contains?

✔ Anytime you'll click on a product, you will open it's product chart. By clicking you will be able to visualise other pictures of the product, it's full description, the nutritional values and the preparation method.

How do I buy a product?

✔ Once opened the product chart, choose the flavour, the quantity and add to cart. If you want to buy more than 10 pieces of the same product, you will have to use the button "add to cart" . Once you're done choosing everything, click on the cart icon, confirm your address, choose a shipping method, pay for you order and wait for the confirmetion email.

How do I add or remove a product from my shopping bag?

✔ Inside your cart you can add or remove a quantity of products by using the [ + ] and [ – ] buttons. If you want to get rid of an entire article, you can get it's quantity value to 0, or click "Remove".